Skills and Training in the Construction Industry 

The survey aims to determine skill needs and training practices amongst both self-employed individuals and employers working in the construction industry across the UK.

Where possible, results are benchmarked against findings from the previous skills and training surveys in 2009 and 2011, as well as against findings from the nationwide Employer Skills Survey 2013 which is undertaken by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES).

 In order to meet the research aims and objectives a mixed-method approach was taken to provide a comprehensive picture of skills and training within the industry.

A quantitative survey of 1,053 sector employers and 157 self-employed individuals currently working in the construction industry was carried out. To support the quantitative survey and to add further insights, ten ‘qualitative’ interviews were also undertaken with managers of construction businesses of varied sizes

The survey’s key themes are recruitment difficulties and skill shortages, skills deficiencies and gaps in established workforces, and training and development activity in the construction industry across the UK. 

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