About the Construction Training Directory

The Construction Training Directory is where you will be able to find the training you need that is delivered by CITB Approved Training Organisations (ATO).

Searching for courses in the Directory is open to everyone, you do not need a login to access it.

Initially, only short duration training which last from 3 hours to 29 days will be advertised on the Directory. At launch we have a small number of ATOs advertising several hundred courses; this will grow as we publish more training standards and increase our ATO numbers.

We are in the process of reviewing applications and supporting construction training providers to become CITB Approved Training Organisations. Once they are approved, they can advertise their courses on the Construction Training Directory.

Make sure your training providers become ATOs, so you can receive automated grant payments. Find out more at Become a CITB ATO.

Start your journey with the Construction Training Directory

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