Modernising our grants scheme

As part of the Investment Funding Review, we are looking at ways to revise the grant scheme so that it better supports the skills that the construction industry will need over the next few years.

What's changing?

We propose to split the current grant scheme into two funds:

  • Apprenticeship and qualification fund:  
    This fund will support you with qualifying your workforce in the skills your business and the industry will need over the next few years. We will ensure that our apprenticeship funding addresses industry needs that result from the Government’s apprenticeship funding reforms due to come into effect in April 2017.
  • Grants fund:
    This fund will focus on industry agreed skills needs and on reducing duplicated training and funding across the industry. It will support training in skills that are transferable across all sectors, and specialist skills where a course doesn’t lead to a formal qualification.

How can you get involved?

We want to share our thinking around the grants scheme changes and to test various options. And we need your feedback on our thoughts and plans.

We're planning to share this with you and other employers across Great Britain before the end of 2016. Your feedback will be invaluable in helping to shape the future of this important funding stream.

If you would like to register your interest in taking part in a workshop, please email  

Sector specific training plan

We're expanding the sector specific training plan (SSTP) pilot to include more employers and sectors.

Find out about the expanded SSTP pilot

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