Research Investment Fund

The CITB Research Investment Fund was set up as a pilot to help the construction industry develop new research and gather evidence where it doesn’t exist or is limited. Applications were invited from construction industry Federations and a number of proposals were received by the deadline on 15 August 2016.

All the applications were reviewed and scored with three successful bids identified. All applicants were informed of the outcome in September 2016 and now plans are in progress to develop the three successful proposals. These were received from:

  • The Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) – addressing questions about the role of the Ecological Clerk of Works in the Construction Industry
  • FIS (Finishers and Interiors Sector) – considering productivity in Drylining and associated training opportunities
  • Construction Plant Hire Association (CPA) – looking at the demand for and supply of Construction Plant Operators

The three successful bid all made the case that there was:

  • a clear research proposal for which there was no relevant evidence already available; along with a coherent proposal as to how the research could progress
  • value to the wider construction industry
  • strategic relevance of addressing the perceived challenge.

A maximum of £100,000 will be been made available to be allocated between  the three proposals. Each proposal will be fully funded during the pilot and the budget available for each project will be agreed following discussion between the CITB research team and the successful applicants. The successful applicants will work with the CITB research team to create new research to address the agreed challenge.

Our expectation is that CITB will be publishing details in 2017 of the innovative ideas received, the research undertaken, what new evidence is established and how we expect it to help to support our industry.

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