Other projects

CITB funds other skills and training projects, in addition to the grants scheme and flexible and structured funds. These projects focus on priority areas for the construction industry.

These are some of the main projects in progress:

Construction ambassador programme

Construction ambassadors are employers that help young people learn more about the industry and the roles available. CITB provides training and resources to help employers become construction ambassadors and support young people with their choices.

For more information about construction ambassadors, visit the Go Construct website.

Steel fixer apprenticeships

There is likely to be a shortage of steel fixers over the coming years. To address this, CITB provides funding to groups of employers that work together to deliver a joint apprenticeship programme.

Training for ex-armed forces personnel

We offer training to ex-armed forces personnel to encourage them to move into the construction industry. We aim to get 300 people engaged in ‘introduction to the sector’ training, and 150 people involved with a bite-sized conversion course.

Apprenticeship Trailblazers (level 4/6)

Many new apprenticeship standards (Trailblazers) are being developed for construction occupations.

Over 2015/16, we have been running a pilot scheme to fund all new apprenticeship Trailblazers in the construction industry. We are also working to incorporate Trailblazer frameworks into our modernised Grants Scheme that is due to launch in 2017.

School engagement programme

The construction industry is expected to grow by 2.9% over the next five years, increasing the demand for skilled workers. To respond to this demand, industry needs to engage more proactively with young people and their influencers (such as careers counsellors) to develop their awareness of, and interest in, working in construction.

CITB is designing a programme that will help industry engage with schools in a co-ordinated and structured manner and offer additional resources. We are developing an ‘adopt a school’ framework to strengthen links between industry and schools, and an after-school extra-curricular programme delivered by industry professionals.

Adult upskilling - college leavers

We are supporting a pilot scheme to help recruit more college leavers into the industry who successfully complete an NVQ level 2 (or above) in construction. Once employed, candidates would complete the On-Site Assessment and Training (OSAT) to reach site-competent level.

The scheme will provide employers with flexible funding of up to £3,000 per candidate. CITB will work with colleges to identify potential candidates and match them to a suitable employer.

This pilot will run for 12 months and funding will be divided equally between the six regions in England, Scotland and Wales.

Pre-apprenticeship programme for major projects

This funding supports a pilot programme aimed at preparing young people for apprenticeships on major projects with large employers, and the unique challenges these projects bring.

With this pilot scheme, we plan to support up to 500 young people through a defined pre-apprenticeship training programme. The scheme will be monitored to evaluate retention, conversion to apprenticeship, and learner satisfaction following the course.

Sector specific training plan

We're expanding the sector specific training plan (SSTP) pilot to include more employers and sectors.

Find out about the expanded SSTP pilot

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