Structured fund

What the fund supports

The Structured fund invests in commissioned projects where CITB has reviewed the evidence base and has identified the outcomes we wish to achieve. 

We will appoint a Commissioner from within CITB for each of these outcomes and we will set the amount of funding available. There will be opportunities to join commissions at specific times throughout the year. 

Unless otherwise stated, your project should aim to benefit other industry employers, that means:

  • CITB-registered employers
  • Employers who have the potential to become levy-registered employers. 

Who can apply for funding

Structured funding is open to the organisations that are best able to deliver the outcomes of the commissioned opportunity. 

Most structured fund projects will also require a collaboration that includes 2 other organisations from the list below:

  • CITB-registered employers
  • Construction industry federations or trade associations
  • CITB-approved training groups

You should ensure that the organisations in your collaboration don't work exclusively in the same supply chain.

Finding partners

If you don’t have eligible partners, or are open to engaging with more, CITB can help. Just email to request support collaborating on a funding application. 

CITB runs an online workspace for commissioned opportunities, allowing you to link with other potential applicants and join discussion groups. If you would like to join this workspace, email us to register your interest. 

What you can apply for

CITB will invest up to £11m of its funding into the Structured fund in 2018-19. We will outline the amount of funding available when we publish details of each specific opportunity. 

We will fund up to 70% of the value of your project. You will need to find match funding for the remaining 30%.

You should take CITB Grant into consideration where it is available to help you project, but do not include any Grant claims in your project costs.

How to apply

We will update this page with information on funding opportunities throughout the year so please check back regularly.

If you are interested in applying for structured funding, please email, identifying which opportunity you are interested in.

We will send you an application form and guidance on how to complete it. You will need to complete and return the form within the specified time period.

The following opportunities are scheduled for 2018-19.  


Applications open
Immersive learning (re-commission) 29 May 2018 - 23 July 2018
Assessment Infrastructure Spring/summer 2018
Pre-employment Summer 2018
Construction Skills Fund 18 June 2018
Long-term unemployment Autumn 2018
Offsite: improve skills through new learning materials and trainer up-skilling - read the research report Summer 2018
BIM Skills Phase 1 - development of competency framework  Autumn 2018
Trainers Summer/autumn 2018
Youth unemployment Summer 2018
Offsite (assessor/assessment infrastructure) - read the research report Autumn/winter 2018
Energy efficiency (insulation assessors) Autumn/winter 2018
Full-time learners into employment Winter 2018
Digital Upskilling – onsite workforce upskilling Autumn/winter 2018
Productivity - behavioural change Spring 2019
BIM Skills Phase 2 - teaching and learning materials Spring/summer 2019

What happens next

After the opportunity deadline, the funding team and the Commissioner will review each application with consideration for the funds available.

The funding team will then agree a set of recommendations for the Investment Panel (which is made up of representatives from the CITB Executive Committee) who will make the final decisions. 

You will hear from us with a decision around 4 weeks after the deadline for applications.

CITB will decide to either approve or decline an application.

Definitions are:

  • Approved: The application meets the scoring criteria and we will provisionally award funding to the applicant with the highest percentage score, within the funds available.
  • Declined: Based on the information supplied, the proposed solution is not one in which CITB is able to make an investment. We will provide feedback and share your scores with you.

You will need to email us at if you wish to make an appeal. 

You can submit an appeal on scoring or procedural grounds, or against the decision relating to your application.

Please note that you should ensure that CITB receives any appeal request within 14 days of the email notifying you of our decision.

If we approve your application, we will contact you to offer support with finalising your funding agreement.

When you have agreed and signed these documents, our Contracts team will monitor your project. This team will respond to queries and process your evidence, payments and requests. You may re-engage with the funding team when compiling your project evaluation.

CITB will publish a summary of your project on its website once a funding agreement is in place. We may also communicate project progress. Once complete, CITB will seek to provide a platform for any products or services developed as part of your project and publish your project evaluation.

We may also wish to work with you to develop press releases, case studies or promotional videos relating to your project either during delivery, or upon completion.

To achieve economy of scale, CITB will procure evaluation of commissioned projects for you. This will allow CITB to understand how individual projects have contributed to achieving the outcomes of the commission.

For more information about CITBs approach to evaluation, visit Our funding priorities.

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