How to appeal a grant decision

The reasons why some grant applications are rejected - and what you can do if yours is unsuccessful.

How grant decisions are made

Your grant application might be rejected or returned for a number of reasons:

  • it doesn’t meet our grant scheme criteria 
  • the training you’re claiming for doesn’t qualify for support
  • you haven’t provided the right supporting evidence
  • your trainee has already received grant support for their training or qualification
  • you are claiming for more than the maximum amount
  • your claim form wasn’t received on time
  • your claim form is illegible, incomplete or unclear.

How to appeal if your grant claim is unsuccessful

If you disagree with a grant claim decision, you can appeal against it.

You need to make your case in writing, providing supporting evidence. Send your appeal by e-mail to, or by post to: Grants Scheme Team, CITB, Bircham Newton, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE31 6RH.

Your appeal will be considered by our grant scheme team, who will write to you with their decision: they aim to deal with all appeals within 28 days.

If you’re still not happy with the outcome, you have a further right of appeal to a panel of independent experts, who will review your case anonymously and reach a final decision. 

Grants are not guaranteed

Our grant scheme also depends upon the total amount of levy that we receive from the construction industry.

So while the grant amounts that we advertise are likely to be those that we pay, there may be times when we need to reduce the value of grants, or withdraw them completely.

We’ll try to let you know as soon as possible if grants are going to be less than we’ve said, but we reserve the right to increase, reduce or withdraw grants, and CITB’s decision is final in the way that we apply our grant scheme.

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