Policy Objectives

CITB’s vision is to be the leadership organisation for the UK construction industry's skills and training needs.


Our mission is to ensure 'right skills, right place, right time' for the UK construction industry, in order to achieve a fully skilled and professional UK workforce that operates safely and delivers value.

We aim to use our increasing strategic influence as a Sector Skills Council (SSC) and our investment in skills and training solutions as an Industry Training Board (ITB), for the benefit of the industry.

We will:

  • provide flexible and innovative solutions which meet industry needs
  • inspire and lead others in the pursuit of excellence
  • add value through the best use of resources

These key themes are supported by the CITB Levy & Grant Department's mission to encourage and incentivise construction industry training, funded through the collection of Levy, and to maintain industry support for a Levy & Grant system.

The range of available grants offers structured financial support to employers, allowing them to invest in quality training (especially for new entrants) and leading to a more competent workforce and enhanced competitiveness. Our main objective is to promote systematic training related to business needs.

CITB Grants are:

  • Available to influence the quality of training undertaken - the aim is to avoid skills gaps without over-training. The quality of training and development is controlled by standards of skills and knowledge agreed with industry. The requirements of National Vocational Qualifications/Scottish Vocational Qualifications have been taken into account in selecting approved training.
  • Provided to maintain or improve the quantity and quality of training and development.
  • Intended to share the cost of training, especially in occupations where people change employer regularly.
  • Paid when the training is completed. Employers should submit their grant claims as soon as possible after the completion of training and development and no later than the deadline specified for each grant.
  • Not intended to cover the full cost of training and development and reflect the urgency and importance of the training need.

Equal Opportunities

CITB is committed to equal opportunities in its services to clients including employers, employees and trainees.

Our aim is to ensure that no client shall receive less favourable treatment than any other on the grounds of sex, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, age, marital status, sexuality, political belief, disability or irrelevant offending background.

Furthermore, no client will be disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justified.

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