Specialist Applied-skills Programme (SAP) grant

Grant code: SAP

This grant supports your employees’ training on specialist applied-skills programmes. The programme must last for one or two years and lead to a National or Scottish Vocational Qualification (NVQ or SVQ). 

Find out about specialist applied-skills programmes

Who can claim

Employers registered with CITB who submitted an accurate Levy Return by 31 December 2017.

The grant supports training undertaken by your:

  • employees paid through PAYE.

The grant is not available to support: 

What the grant supports

  • Attendance on off-the-job training that is part of an approved specialist applied-skills programme at level 2 or 3. 
    See a list of approved programmes
  • NVQ or SVQ level 2 or 3 gained at the end of the training.
The grant does not support:
  • Occupations that already have a full apprenticeship framework
  • Scaffolding programmes. These are supported through the Construction Industry Scaffolding Record Scheme (CISRS).

How much you can get

NVQ/SVQ level 2

Up to £7,650. This includes:

  • £1,125 for year 1 attendance
  • £1,125 for year 2 attendance
  • £3,000 contribution to the cost of external training
  • £2,000 incentive for completing level 2
  • £400 for gaining the NVQ/SVQ
NVQ/SVQ level 3

Up to £4,125. This includes:

  • £1,125 for year 1 attendance
  • £1,500 contribution to the cost of external training
  • £1,100 incentive for completing level 3
  • £400 for gaining the NVQ/SVQ

You also get an extra 10% payment if you pay the levy and meet certain deadlines with the Supplementary Payment.

You must employ your trainee for the duration of the grant support.  

How to claim

1. Register for the grant
  • Request the application form for the specialist applied-skills programme. To request the form, call the National Specialist Accredited Centre (NSAC) 0300 456 5561
  • Complete and return the form to NSAC at the address below before the course start date.

Units 1&2
674 Melton Road
Leicestershire LE4 8BB

2. Claim the grant for attendance
  • Once you have registered for the grant, we’ll send you an attendance grant claim form every 13 weeks throughout the course.
  • Sign and return the forms to NSAC by the deadlines shown on the forms.
3. Claim the grant for the NVQ/SVQ and completion incentive

To claim for the NVQ or SVQ gained at the end of the programme, see Vocational Qualification grant.

You receive the completion incentive automatically with your NVQ/SVQ grant payment.

Have you sent us your bank details? 

Do we have your bank details so that we can pay out on your grant claim?

Grants are only paid by bank transfer. If we do not hold your current bank details, please complete and submit the secure online Bacs Direct Credit Authorisation Form to receive grant payments.

Terms and conditions

The Grant Scheme terms and conditions answer more questions about who can or can’t claim, and how our grants scheme works. 

Before you apply, make sure you've read and understood the terms and conditions.

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