A collaborative approach to change

How did we do it? 

Since CITB announced its intention to reform the Grants Scheme our teams have been working collaboratively with industry, in groups that have clear governance in place, to agree what should be available for Grants Scheme support and how much support would be appropriate. The following groups have been formed for the period of Grants Scheme reform, and their usefulness to Industry and CITB will be reviewed after April 2018.

Grants Scheme Rules Group

The role of the Grants Scheme Rules Group is to represent industry interests and ensure that the new Grants Scheme is designed to benefit the industry as a whole. 

It assists CITB to fully understand the impact (both positives and negatives) of the Grants Scheme on the industry and ensures that the design of the Grants Scheme is aligned to the guiding principles and targeted industry outcomes.

Find out more about the Grants Scheme Rules Group

Investment Funding Committee

The role of the Investment Funding Committee (a sub-committee of the Board) is to ensure the implementation of CITB's  Funding Strategy and Policy and to give the CITB Board assurance that the investment funds are applied effectively. 

In particular, the Investment Funding Committee will advise the Board on the future direction of the Funding strategy, including reform of the Grants Scheme through assessment of the impact of funding decisions; to provide an independent review of the funding decisions and, by exception, cases requested by the executive management team. 

Learn more about the Investment Funding Committee.   

Industry Advisory Forum

The role of the Industry Advisory Forum is to provide CITB with a robust and representative voice of industry to advise, recommend and inform training courses which are eligible for grant support ahead of the launch of the new Grants Scheme in April 2018.

Learn more about the Industry Advisory Forum

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