CDM for Clients GET2367

Cost, location & dates: From £155
Variable. See How to book below
Duration: 1 day
Funding: See Grants and funding below
Mandatory entry requirements: See Mandatory entry requirements below

This one-day course is suitable for all types of clients including commercial clients, who have a requirement for a construction project to be carried out in connection with a business, whether the business operates for profit or not. 

You will learn about your contractor responsibilities under the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015. 

This course can be booked by employers and take place at or near their place of work. See How to book below.

Course content

On completing the course you will have an understanding of:

  • The legal position of the Client
  • The roles of the Principal Contractor, Principal Designer, Contractors and Designers
  • The requirements for assessment of knowledge, skills, experience and resources
  • The requirement for provision of project information and documentation

The course covers:

  • CDM 2015 overview and application
  • Duty holder responsibilities
  • Preparation of the client brief
  • Duty holder appointments
  • Preparing pre-construction information
  • Requirements for notification of projects
  • Construction phase plan requirements
  • Health and safety file requirements

Teaching and assessment

This is a highly interactive course taught through case studies and classroom discussion.

Qualifications you gain

  • CITB National Construction College certificate.

Mandatory entry requirements

  • Good understanding of spoken and written English. Please contact us if you have any concerns in this area.
  • You'll need a valid form of ID, such as a copy of your passport or driving licence. See accepted forms of ID.

By booking a course, you are agreeing to abide by our Terms and Conditions.

Grants and funding

Grants are available for eligible employers. For further information please visit our grant pages.

How to book

Group bookings only.  For public courses please see CDM 2015 for Duty Holders and Responsibilities.

This course is available for delivery in-house for a minimum of 6 and maximum 16 attendees.

We can deliver the course at your work premises or at a venue arranged by you.

Scotland, North West England, North East England, Yorkshire and Humber

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London, the South East, South Central, South West England

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East & West Midlands, East Anglia, Wales

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Need more information?

Call 0344 994 4433 for more information about this course.


Other CDM courses

We also offer two other CDM courses: CDM for Principal Designers and DesignersCDM for Principal Contractors and Contractors and CDM for Duty Holders and Responsibilities.

If you have several dutyholder responsibilities, you should choose the most suitable course - you don't need to attend all of them. 

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