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What is the National Skills Academy for Construction (NSAfC)?

The National Skills Academy for Construction (NSAfC) is a way of working that enables you to get the skills you need on site, on time.

Developed by CITB and approved by industry, the NSAfC framework provides structure and direction to help you deliver consistent, high-quality training in the live-site environment of your construction project.

Whether you are a contractor or public sector authority, the NSAfC gets the right skills to your people – from craft to technical to professional, for new recruits to experienced workers – wherever they are needed.

The NSAfC is one of 19 National Skills Academies supporting UK industries by developing training infrastructure to address sector-by-sector skills challenges. The NSAfC was launched in 2006 with the aim of providing dynamic onsite training and skills opportunities wherever there’s a suitable project.

The NSAfC has already successfully complemented more than 400 projects across the UK, enhancing skills throughout the industry and helping organisations demonstrate their commitment to creating social value in the community.

We developed the NSAfC in conjunction with the construction industry to improve productivity, promote skills and create high-performing workplaces that can develop and harness talent.

The NSAfC way of working builds on existing and accepted practices to:

  • Meet employers’ skills needs
  • Maximise economic and social returns on an investment in training and skills
  • Raise training standards across the sector
  • Create approved and established benchmarks across industry
  • Provide guidance or support on meeting tendering requirements and related social obligations, such as section 106 agreements
  • Enable organisations to demonstrate compliance throughout procurement
  • Generate new and achievable opportunities in work-based learning
  • Establish sustainable local employment to transform communities
  • Ensure a lasting social legacy.

And with NSAfC accreditation, you will also have a mark of quality that distinguishes you from your competitors.

There are three ways your organisation can get involved and make the most of the NSAfC way of working:

  • Without any formal agreement and without NSAfC accreditation, using the free online NSAfC resources as suits you
  • With NSAfC accreditation, following a successful application, and full CITB support
  • As a major client – usually a public sector authority with NSAfC accreditation that regularly procures large-scale construction projects with potential to make a significant impact on employment and skills at a national level.

See 'What we offer you' below for further details of these three ways that you can get involved in the NSAfC way of working.

Our NSAfC toolkit containing information, advice, guidance and all the principles of best practice underlying the NSAfC way of working, is free, online and fully available for anyone to access or download.

Developed by practitioners for practitioners, the NSAfC toolkit gives you everything you need to know to fulfil the key performance indicators (KPIs) that lie at the heart of the NSAfC way of working.

Without an agreement or accreditation

We want the NSAfC to raise standards across industry. Even if you don’t have any formal NSAfC agreement with us, you can still:

With NSAfC accreditation

In addition to the above, if you are seeking or already have NSAfC accreditation, we offer:

  • Our full support throughout the application process and beyond
  • NSAfC accreditation and branding, following the approval of your application
  • Listing as an NSAfC accredited organisation on our website
  • An initial meeting with one of our experts, to get the ball rolling.

Find out how to apply for NSAfC accreditation.

As a major client

In addition to the above, as a major client you get:

  • Membership of a practitioners’ group to develop and share best practice
  • A lead CITB contact to co-ordinate support from our various expert teams
  • A partnership agreement tailored precisely to your needs.

Find out how to apply for NSAfC accreditation.

Find out more

Find out more about how NSAfC works and consult our NSAfC toolkit.

Apply for NSAfC accreditation or contact us for details.

See which clients and contractors have successfully run NSAfC projects.