Mobile testing service

The mobile testing service delivers testing to wherever you need it.

Mobile testing services can be delivered in a number of different ways, depending on the most appropriate method for your business. We can help you evaluate which system is best suited to you.

Benefits of the mobile testing service:

  • You can sit your test without the time and cost spent travelling to a test centre
  • Testing at a time and place to suit you
  • Available across the UK, including Northern Ireland
  • Includes the HS&E test, and CPCS renewal tests 

If your testing needs are ongoing, we can also arrange for semi-permanent testing facilities (a portable cabin) to be delivered to you to test employees on-site.

Booking a mobile testing service 

  • Complete the booking request form ensuring the required date, location and preferred delivery method is included
  • Fill in the candidate’s name in full as shown on the ID they will take with them to the test
  • If using your CITB credit account, include your account number on the form.
  • For other payments, state your preferred method in the email containing your booking form and we will arrange a call-back.
  • Make sure you fully complete the form. Incomplete forms will be rejected and sent back to you and the process will begin again once we receive a completed form.

  You will receive confirmation of the booking via secure email once the booking has been confirmed and payment made.

  • Payment must be received and cleared a minimum of five working days before the agreed event date. Note: we do ask for payment 10 working days prior to the event (this is an advisory).
  • If you need to make any changes to the candidates scheduled to attend the event, you must do this at least five working days before the test event. We cannot process any requests received after this date.
  • All candidates will receive an automatic individual confirmation email/letter of their test appointments. They will also receive an email or SMS 24 hours before the event if requested on the booking request form.
  • Mobile testing Terms and Conditions apply.

For assistance with mobile testing bookings, email or phone 0344 994 4492.

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