Leadership and management development fund

What this fund is for

The Leadership and Management Development Fund is a one-year competitive fund. It will enable large construction companies (with more than 250 directly employed staff) to invest in developing the leadership, management or supervisory skills of their staff.

Please refer to the Guidance Notes (PDF 276KB) for further details and also the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 272KB) document.

In response to COVID-19 we have expanded the funds to support business sustainability as well as business improvement. The changes we have made are set out in the Guidance Notes (PDF 276KB).

When can you apply

The fund is open from 14 April 2020. The deadline for applications is 31 July 2020.

  • Your project can last for up to one year, but we will keep the COVID-19 situation under review and be flexible about start dates.
  • Applications can contain indicative time scales that are subject to social distancing rules no longer being in place and provision being accessible.

Who can apply for funding

You can apply if:

  • you are a CITB-registered employer
  • you have more than 250 directly employed staff on the payroll

If your project is a collaboration of large employers, or also supports businesses in the supply chain, you will need to identify a lead employer. This must be a large employer who meets the above criteria.

How much can you apply for

You can apply for up to £100,000.

We will fund a range of projects of different sizes, so we do not expect all proposals to be this large-scale. We do not expect to fund projects under £5,000 through this fund.

Before you apply

Make sure you've read and understood these documents

How to apply

Please complete the Leadership and Management Development Fund application form (word document 1MB). Your CITB Partnerships Team contact will be happy to support you.

To complete and submit the form, you should:

  • Download the application form and save it to your computer
  • Complete all fields, saving regularly along the way to prevent loss of data
  • Save and send the completed form to L&MFund@citb.co.uk

The CITB team will review all applications during August.

What happens next?

  • You should receive a decision from us (by email) approximately 4 weeks after your submission date.
  • The CITB team will review and moderate all applications. The criteria and process are set out in the guidance
  • You should receive a decision from us (by email) approximately 4 weeks after your submission date.

CITB will review all applications and either approve or decline dependent on scoring. This is a competitive fund, so although we expect to support a high proportion of the applications we receive, not all will be successful.    

Approved: Your application meets the criteria and has scored well against other applications. We will be in touch to agree a schedule of payment milestones, any further information we need and how you can input into the CITB evaluation of the fund. 

Declined: Based on the information supplied your application has not scored highly enough compared to other applications. We will advise you why your application was not successful and there will be opportunity to discuss this with your partnerships team contact.

After the payment schedule has been approved you can start your training project.

  • We understand that in the current circumstances start dates and delivery dates will be subject to change. 

We will agree monitoring arrangements and evidence requirements with you. Please remember to keep evidence of all invoices and certificates as you will need to submit these to CITB to demonstrate that the funded activity has taken place.

We may wish to publish details of your project on our website once funding has been approved.

We may ask to work with you to develop press releases, case studies or promotional videos relating to your project either during delivery, or upon completion.

Evaluation is a critical part of this fund. You will set out how you wish to approach your own project evaluation in your application, but we will also need you to work with us on the over-arching evaluation undertaken by CITB. We will agree what we will need from you and ways of working at the beginning of the project.